Thank you for visiting the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI) Criminal History Record Check website. The Criminal History Record Check website is designed to give the general public an easily accessible location to obtain Iowa criminal history data. However, please note that this method of requesting your criminal history record check may not be acceptable for employment or licensing purposes. Requests made through this website will not contain the DCI embossed seal for authenticity or as some employers may refer to as a "certified copy". If you need results with the DCI embossed seal you will need to complete the forms provided on the main DPS website, www.dps.state.ia.us and submit them to our office for processing or make a request in person at our office during normal business hours. We will not provide an embossed seal on results obtained through this website.

The fee for a criminal history record check obtained through this website is $15.00. No refunds or credits will be given for any reason.



If you have previously conducted an Iowa criminal history record check through this website and are familiar with the requirements and the User's Agreement you may click here to begin your search: Begin Search.


ATTENTION: the criminal history data obtained through this website is limited to what is releasable, as allowed by law, without a signed waiver from the subject of your request, pursuant to Chapter 692.2 of the Code of Iowa.


This website will not provide criminal history data on any arrest information that is older than 18 months without a final disposition or any completed deferred judgment information. However, this website will provide all other arrest and conviction information on file with the DCI for that individual.


If you want to obtain complete Iowa criminal history data from the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Investigation and you are able to obtain a waiver signature from the subject of your request on the forms provided by the DCI, please click here. You will be directed to the required forms to complete and submit with payment by mail or fax to the DCI for processing.


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