Glossary of Terms

Disseminate – to distribute criminal history information.


Central Repository – is the keeper of the criminal history records for the state of Iowa. In Iowa, the Division of Criminal Investigation, Records and Identification Unit is the central repository.


Misdemeanor – an offense less serious than a felony. The levels of a misdemeanor in Iowa are simple, serious and aggravated.


Felony – an offense more serious than a misdemeanor. The levels of a felony in Iowa are A, B, C and D.


Clerk of Court – an agency that maintains the official court documents from any court proceeding. The DCI receives all disposition information from the Clerk of Court in each county in Iowa.


Arrest – occurs when a law enforcement agency takes someone into legal custody for a public offense.


Conviction – to be found guilty of or plead guilty to a state criminal charge.


Waiver – authorizing the release of non-public criminal history information. Specifically, deferred judgments and arrests over 18 months without dispositions.


Deferred sentence – a sentencing option whereby the court enters an adjudication of guilt but does not impose a sentence. The sentence imposed is based on the defendant’s compliance with the conditions set by the court as a requirement of the deferred sentence.


Deferred judgment – is a sentencing option whereby both the adjudication of guilt and the imposition of a sentence are deferred by the court. The court retains the power to pronounce judgment and impose sentence subject to the defendant’s compliance with conditions set by the court as a requirement of the deferred judgment.


Probation – where the defendant is released by the court subject to supervision by a resident of this state or by the judicial district of correctional services.


Alias name – any other name used by a person (i.e. also known as).


Immunity – protection from prosecution or civil liability.


Redisseminate – to redistribute criminal history information. In Iowa, only the DCI is authorized to release criminal history information maintained by the department to non-criminal justice recipients.


No record – The DCI does not have a criminal history record on file based on the search criteria provided.


Indemnify - to provide someone with protection, especially financial protection, against possible loss, damage, or liability


Disposition – the final settlement of an arrest charge by the court. This will include the conviction and sentencing information or dismissal.